Why You Should Be Using TikTok to Sell Your Products

Most of us are familiar with the app TikTok. If you haven’t used it yet, you have most likely at least heard of it. You might even have a tween or teen that randomly busts out in awkward dance moves while lipsynching to whatever popular song is circulating right now. But is TikTok a useful platform for marketing products? Yes! TikTok is not just for making dance videos anymore. In fact, many small businesses that use TikTok can virtually blow-up overnight! 

I can’t even tell you how many products I have purchased because I saw them on TikTok. It’s not necessarily that I scrolled past a clever ad and was swayed into buying a product (though that has happened a couple of times). What really sells me on buying a product is when I see another user rave about it. There is so much power in video content from another user that buys a product, demonstrates its use, then praises it with all the gusto of life they have in them. If there is a product that I feel will add value to my life, I will buy it, especially if I see another person hype it up.

Sometimes businesses get really lucky and growth happens quickly, for some, it may take a bit more footwork to get the ball rolling. Especially, if you’re not confident with making videos or unsure about how this TikTok app works. Let me help you out with some tips and tricks to get your business moving forward on TikTok.

Creating a Video

TikTok videos have a different standard than other videos that you would post on social accounts like Facebook or Instagram. There are several things to remember when creating a TikTok video to promote a product.

1. Have a Plan

Create a summary or short outline to make sure you cover the points that you want to highlight. If you are selling products that you feel will benefit day-to-day life, call it a “life hack” and promote it accordingly.

2. Keep it Simple

Do not over-complicate your message by saying too much. Less words are more-effective on TikTok and here’s why…

3. Keep it Short

TikTok videos can be a max of 60 seconds. However, that does not mean they should be 60 seconds long. In fact, the most effective videos are only 5-15 seconds long! Users all over the internet crave bite-sized content. This is why it’s so important to have a plan and keep it simple.

4. Be You

Let your personality shine. You are the main promoter of your brand and products. The TikTok community is very diverse and there is a place for everyone. So don’t try to fit into whatever box you think TikTok is because there isn’t one.

5. Lose the Effects

I know, I know… many of you LOVE adding sparkles and GIFs and emojis to your videos, but WOW… it can be too much and distracting. Your video will be scrolled past in a hurry. If you are going to add effects, use 1 or 2 max. That includes any text that is displayed on your video. Try learning how to do transitions well, there’s a massive opportunity for creativity here and that’s what TikTok users like to see.

6. Music Makes or Breaks the Video

Oh yes, music can certainly add a lot to a video, but oftentimes most creators don’t know how to use music properly. You have to make sure the volume isn’t too high or too low, and you have to have the right song for the video you created. For example, using a slow-tempo song on a video of someone who is speaking with a lot of energy is a poor choice. Songs need to reflect the tone of the video.

TIP: Use the Discover icon on TikTok to find trending songs to use in your videos for potential greater exposure.

7. Learn Your Hashtags

If you’re a small business that sells products you should be using the hashtags #smallbusinesscheck #lifehack #fyp (For You Page). If you are reviewing products from a business as a customer you should use #tiktokmademebuyit and many others. Again, navigate to the Discover icon and search for current popular hashtags that are relevant to your content and products.

8. Be Prepared for the Comments

Oh how the people of TikTok love to comment on any and all videos… While most comments tend to be positive and encouraging, there are a ton of trolls and nay-sayers that really just thrive off of being rude and hating on people, products, and businesses. You really have to learn to how to respond and how not to respond. This can be tricky, but take notice of how others deal with it on TikTok and learn what works for you. I will add, that more often than not, it’s best to ignore the negativity and focus on the positivity that’s happening on your content.

9. Always Ask for Interaction

Whether you verbally ask at the end of your video or type in a text overlay, always ask for interaction. Example, “Please help me grow my business by dropping a like, comment, follow or share this video with a friend.” You’ll be surprised how a polite Call To Action will help your account grow.

10. Don’t Forget to Interact with Users

When a user promotes your content, you must ALWAYS interact with it. Comment on their video and watch the other comments on their video and interact with those users also. Stitch and Duet those user videos for more content, potential reach and engagement. Conversely, don’t forget to always respond to any comments posted on your videos or and DMs that come in on your account. Unless, it’s SPAM of course.


Any type of video marketing or social media marketing takes time. In some cases, small businesses successfully explode overnight. But for the most part, there is work to put in and it won’t let up. Stay confident in your brand, stay positive, and stay on course.

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