You Call That A Website?!


In this digital age, websites are extremely valuable to a business and its customers. Your business’s website portrays an image for your brand, and is often one of the first places your audience will go to get information. A successful website should help you acquire new customers, provide another area of customer service, allow you to sell or present your products/services, and create new marketing avenues.

Here are some key elements of a successful website:

  1. Brand Advocate – Your website is your 24 hour a day, 7 days a week brand advocate. It should prominently and consistently represent your brand and business services
  2. Useful Content – For every piece of content, ask yourself:
    – Is this useful to my audience?
    – Is this content in the correct location?
    If the answer is no to either of those questions chances are it is damaging your user’s experience.
  3. Memorable and “sticky” – The term “sticky” refers to the ability of your website to maintain the viewers attention and keep them coming back to your website.
  4. Easy to find – You may have a good website but is it getting much traffic? If you are seeing little to no traffic, it is likely that your site is not being found. A good way to solve this is to optimize your search engine performance.
  5. Fast – Most viewers are used to fast loading websites and can get impatient quickly. If your site is loading and running slow you may need some light optimization of graphic and other multimedia files or a better server solution. Either way don’t let a slow load time be a deterrent for your website visitors.

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