You’ve Got Mail!

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These days, talk about email marketing has taken a back seat to the rising social media craze. Well, email, as a marketing tool, is still important.

Your business email account can serve as more than just a one-way message. It is a cost effective, immediate and relevant way to build brand awareness, customer loyalty and potentially generate sales.

Creatively, email can be a way to showcase products, events, specials, etc in a friendly way that will leave viewers wanting more. See below:

1. Promote Social Media
Providing links to your social media network is an easy way to generate new followers. Adding your accounts to your email signature allows customers to easily pass along all your information with others in their network.
2. Make Your Email Mobile Friendly
Smartphones are the new craze and everyone is checking their email on them. It is important to keep this in mind when creating messages to make them easy to read, short and to the point.
3. Make Your Emails a 2-Way Conversation
Social media has redefined the way customers communicate with businesses. Now instead of just telling them, businesses need to create conversation; ask a question in the subject line, promote a contest, etc.
4. Use Seasons/Holidays to Your Advantage
A simple email acknowledging the changing seasons/holidays is a way to show customers you value them. Acknowledging these occasions can also be a way to promote special sales/discounts to your email customers for a limited time.
5. Email Newsletters
If you haven’t done so already, a great cost effective plan is to switch from paper newsletters to email newsletters. This is an easy way to reach out to all of your customers.
6. Email Offers
Generating email blasts offering “email only” specials or discounts are a great way to measure ROI (return on investment), because only customers who have seen that email will snatch that discount.

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