Ugly Logo Contest

Ugly Logo Contest Logo

Does your company’s logo still flash with neon graphics of the eighties? Does it feature an overused cliché, send an irrelevant message, or just simply isn’t memorable? These are just a few indicators that your logo may need a tune-up. Fuzzy Duck Design’s Ugly Logo Contest is accepting ongoing “ugly logo” entries for a chance to win a free logo package! If your logo, your sister’s logo, or your cousin’s best friend’s logo is in desperate need of an update, visit to view contest rules and details!

Many company’s logos could use a “tune-up.” Some simply because they lacked the finances in their early business stages to hire a professional logo designer. Others may have an outdated scanned jpeg from a camera shot because it was hand-drawn before the 90’s. Whatever the reason, companies can always benefit from having a simple, eye catching logo that depicts them as professional, stable, focused, and polished.

A company’s logo is the visual representation of who they are and the symbol by which they are identified. A good logo helps a business stand out from their competitors and creates strong brand identity. It makes a company memorable, instills confidence in clients, and provides a platform for employee pride.

If your logo has any of the characteristics listed below, you may be a future winner of a FREE LOGO PACKAGE!

  • Overlapping, jumbled lettering
  • Small, unreadable font
  • Clashing colors
  • Too busy/Complicated
  • Overused font
  • Cannot be depicted in a small/large version
  • Unprofessional
  • Unoriginal/Boring
  • Unappealing
  • Sends the wrong message
  • Indistinctive/Unmemorable
  • Contains grainy clipart
  • Hodgepodge of colors
  • Unintentional representations or meanings
  • Irrelevant images

Visit to enter or for more information.