A Couple of Gurus


Here at Fuzzy Duck Design, we believe it is important that everybody be given a voice, including your brand characters. We work with many companies who have an underappreciated brand character and we are here to help you develop your character so it can become a strong voice for your brand.

Some people call us creative marketers and others view us brand character therapists…you can decide for yourself! If your company does not have a brand character but you are interested in having one, you are in luck because we also provide relationship-matching services. We will discover a character that is a perfect fit for your brand and give it a voice throughout your marketing campaigns.

aCOUPLEofGURUS websiteaCOUPLEofGURUS is one of our most recent success stories. The company felt its two guru brand characters, Aaron & Mo, were not strongly representing the brand or helping market its services. They came to us with the hopes of giving Aaron & Mo a stronger voice….and that is exactly what we did. We made sure the Gurus’ characters became involved in the marketing strategy and showed off their personality that matched the brand image.

Aaron & Mo have now become the face of the brand and we are proud to say it is a very successful relationship.

If your brand character feels like it’s being ignored or your brand is feeling lonely without a brand character, please call 952-449-6800 or email today for a free consultation and discussion to get some great feedback.