Help Launch A Sci-Fi Graphic Novel!

Mars Kick Starter Ad

Mars Kick Starter Ad

Fuzzy Duck has worked on and helped develop several comic book and graphic novel titles.  Storylines, charater development, coloring, visual effects and logo treatments, we really enjoy all aspects of this visual storytelling medium.

The creators of the latest graphic novel project we’re involved in, Mars: Daedelus Two, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund this second installment of their 4-part storyline.  If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter – the latest crowdfunding craze, you really need to check it out.


The Daedelus series is a realistic interplanetary romp that features spectacular art, plausible science, and futuristic technology.  In fact, the project features information obtained directly from the Magellan team at NASA’s Jet Propul- sion Laboratory and the recent Venus Express mission from the European Space Agency.

Venus Daedalus One Cover

The first installment, Venus: Daedelus One, is now completed, printed and available for purchase.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A COPY or better yet, donate a certain amount to the Mars Kickstarter campaign and receive a copy of Venus as part of your reward.

The Daedelus series is written by Jeffrey Morris and Ira Livingston IV and drawn by Chaz Truog.  Fuzzy Duck’s role to date in the Daedelus series of graphic novels includes logo development, colorization, digital effects and lettering.  For more information on Daedelus and other projects being created by Morris’ company FutureDude, visit their website at


Jeffrey Morris also partnered with Fuzzy Duck on the creation and production of Slingshot: Jupiter Conspiracy – (pictured above) an illustrated screenplay that can be purchased at

For examples of the visual development work that Fuzzy Duck did for the illustrated screenplay, visit the PORTFOLIO PAGE.

Slingshot was optioned temporarily as an animated television show.  FutureDude Comics and Fuzzy Duck are now collaborating to create a graphic novel adpatation of the screenplay.

If you have the next BIG IDEA for the comics, television or even the big screen, email Fuzzy Duck and we can discuss ways to make your idea a visual reality.