Holiday Marketing: Dress for the Occasion!

Fuzzy Duck Holiday Mascot

The holidays may be months away, but businesses should start thinking now of ways to incorporate the holiday season into their business strategy.

There are fun and easy ways to draw your customer’s attention during the holiday season that can be used in your business collateral. From print to email to social media, Fuzzy Duck wants to give you tips on how to make your business stand out during the busiest time of year!

Seasonal Brand Artwork

• Take your brand and/or marketing message and present it in a seasonal fashion.  We’re not talking about just adding snowflakes or fall leaves to your marketing pieces. It’s more about embracing the feeling and emotion that comes with a holiday season – or any season for that matter – and using that emotion to give your brand or message new life.

• Design a holiday outfit/pose for your mascot. This is a great way to brand your company while maintaining a continuous voice, even during the Holiday season.


• The holiday season is a great time to jazz up your website/blog. Add a seasonal touch to the banner of your website/blog, or use the holidays to kick off a new blog or updated web functionality. These simple changes can attract a customer and let them know that you and your company are up-to-date and in tune with the changing season.

Social Media

• Change your profile picture/thumbnail to your seasonal logo. This will keep your brand consistent while adding something new for your customers to see.
• Create a seasonal Twitter skin.
• Provide daily holiday tips for your customers.
• Create a YouTube video. An easy and inexpensive way to get the word out is to create an office holiday greeting video. Once created this can be put on social media sites, your website and sent out via email.


• Send out a holiday email card to all your customers to express appreciation for their business and friendship over the year. This is a simple way to tell your customers how much you care about them.
• Produce a holiday special for your customers.
• Have the seasonal logo/mascot in the footer of your emails.


• Mail a printed holiday card to your customers/neighborhood businesses
• Create a holiday coupon to send out
• Have your seasonal logo as your postage stamp. You can put this holiday stamp on all your mailings/invoices.

There are fun, creative ways to incorporate the holidays into your brand while at the same time staying consistent and familiar. No matter what holiday you celebrate, the coming months are a time when people come together and enjoy family, friends and co-workers. Why not have fun with it?

Do these holiday marketing ideas sound like something that would fuel your business but you need help creating them? Call Fuzzy Duck at 952-449-6800 or email us to set up an appointment and see how we can help!