Make a Splash With Outdoor Advertising

As summer rolls in, we’re returning to walking business districts, day-tripping to new destinations, and generally taking in the fresh air. This seasonal shift to a more outdoor lifestyle serves as a prime opportunity to capture the attention of consumers with outdoor advertising.

What is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising, much like it sounds, is advertising displayed outside and in outdoor spaces. Rather than the digital ads that pop up during Candy Crush, the commercials interrupting your favorite program, or the spreads filling the pages of magazines, these are ads you encounter as part of the outdoor scenery.

Outdoor ads can come in many forms — not just the reliable billboard you speed past on your way to the office! There are ample opportunities to capture the attention of potential customers as they travel around town. For example, imagine you witness a bus pull up to a stop; not only does the bus shelter have the visual pop of an advertisement on it, the bus itself does, too! Then, there are vinyl banners, sidewalk signs outside of shops, a poster on the door of your favorite burger joint. There are a million places to catch an eye.

These images represent just a few examples of the forms outdoor advertising can take. There are plenty of options and strategies to tie into! Where else have you seen outdoor ads?

What the Experts Say. . .

Billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising may seem a little old-school, but experts say that they are drawing people in now more than ever. Years of being cooped up, engrossed in our phones and computers as a result of the pandemic have left us suffering from screen-fatigue. Digital advertising simply isn’t packing the same punch it once did. Instead, folks are seeing the outside landscape with fresh eyes, and with that comes opportunity!

That’s not to say you should ditch your digital ads, however. Ultimately, if done well, your outdoor advertising will point back to your digital marketing efforts. Studies show that the most iconic outdoor ads have a powerful priming effect on other kinds of marketing. This means that the best ads continue to have an impact beyond their initial viewing. Essentially, seeing an ad while out and about and then seeing an ad for the same company while scrolling Facebook later helps to jolt the viewer out of that screen-fatigue state and subconsciously say to themselves, “Hey, where have I heard about this before?” Consumers are more likely to respond to a digital ad after first seeing it in an out-of-home setting. In other words, effective outdoor advertising will drive potential customers to your social media, website, and other digital marketing efforts. 

Stop people in their tracks with a dynamic design and captivate them enough to want to learn more! This outdoor style of advertising is a great way to have fun and get creative with your brand.

An eye-catching truck wrap Fuzzy Duck designed for ARC Window Cleaning. Truck wraps present an original way to showcase creativity and brand personality!

We Can Help!

Fuzzy Duck has a wealth of experience creating outdoor ads that pop! Previous work includes colorful and professional-looking car wraps, seasonal banners, digital billboards, and signage of all kinds. If you’re looking for a new way to catch people’s eye, we’ll dive in with you and do just that. To read more about outdoor advertising and vehicle wraps in particular, click here.


  • Brenna Connolly

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