Why a Beautiful Website is More Important Than Ever


Since the pandemic, most people have fallen into the routine of purchasing a lot of items online and this type of shopping is often preferred now. We all have busy lives and being able to order basically anything you need or want right from the comfort of your home seems like a no-brainer, especially around the holidays. Besides, who doesn’t love seeing a bunch of amazon packages piled up at their front door?

With the increased amount of sales taking place online, it’s more important than ever to have a web presence that not only looks fantastic but also has the user experience in mind. Listed below are several “boxes to check” when it comes to creating a beautiful website.


The most important thing to keep in mind when considering a layout for your website is to keep it uncluttered. Have you ever visited a website where there is written content and photos everywhere? So much content that you don’t even know where to look? Too much clutter can really distract from what you’re trying to say, sell, and promote and oftentimes overwhelms potential customers that they’ll forego shopping altogether on that website.

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*TIP: Do you have a new product or an upcoming event that you want to promote? Anything that is new or upcoming should be highlighted as the focal point and should be the first thing that a customer sees when logging onto your website.


If your website doesn’t reflect your brand then you’re doing it all wrong. Your brand is the most important piece of the sales and marketing puzzle. Everything from your website to social accounts should reflect your brand’s identity. There should be no question at all when a customer visits either your website or social account of which business it is.

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Beautiful imagery really sets the tone for any website. Images have the power to make people feel certain ways and bring the sales process full circle.

Any imagery used on your website needs to be high-resolution and sized properly for wherever it’s being displayed. Don’t grab low-quality photos and clipart from Google images and put them on your site. I shouldn’t even have to type that, but I still stumble on websites or social accounts from time to time where this is still happening. It doesn’t do your business any good, even if it’s quick and “seems okay” or “good enough.”

There are other places to obtain high-resolution photographs that can be used on your website if you’re not already taking photos yourself or hiring a photographer. 

Check out these sites for high-resolution photographs:

African Community and Conservation Foundation –

Written Content

In addition to beautiful imagery and on-point branding, your written content is essential and therefore should follow a couple of rules.

  1. All written content should sound and feel like your brand. For example, if you own a medical practice, the written content should sound professional and not flippant or too laid-back. On the other hand, if your business is selling products with funny quotes printed on them, you have the leisure of having a more playful tone when writing content.
  1. If you’re not great at writing or with grammar in general, have someone who has those skills help you. Even if you are great at writing and consider yourself part of the “grammar police squad”, you should still have someone else who is also grammatically skilled proofread your content. Visiting a website that has typos and bad writing is a major turn-off and can really keep good business away. 
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*TIP: Many businesses hire copywriters to tackle creating the written content for their websites. Writing is a big job with much of the business weighing on what is said and how products and services are described. At Fuzzy Duck, we help businesses just like yours every day write content for their websites.


Are you selling products on your website? Then you most certainly need to make sure that your products are being presented in an attractive way with beautiful images that highlight different angles. Make sure the content is clearly written, including pricing and shipping information, but also that your checkout process works smoothly from start to finish.

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Always include links to your social media accounts in your header and/or footer by simply using the correlating social media icons. This makes it easy for customers to find your social accounts which in turn can assist in growing your follower-base.

Don’t Forget to Update

It’s so important to keep all of your content up-to-date. If you have any content that is outdated, remove it. Make sure that your operating hours are always kept current and that any products or services that are no longer offered are also removed.


Tackling website design and making sure that all of the content is clear and easy to navigate can be an overwhelming task to complete. The Fuzzy Duck website team is ready to help you build a new website or update your current website. Just give us a shout!


  • CJ Haag

    In her role as Fuzzy Duck’s Social Media & Content Specialist, CJ’s design eye shines through the thoughtfully crafted social posts, reels, and email blasts she delivers to our clients. She’s cultivated her knack for branding and digital marketing strategy in various positions over the last 15 years, always combining design, video production, and marketing efforts. Her passion for deep connection and storytelling inform her approach to digital media.