Bel the Weather Girl Book Illustrations

Bel the Weather Girl

Meteorologist and television personality, Belinda Jensen, came to Fuzzy Duck with an idea she had been wanting to develop for quite some time. It involved a character named “Bel the Weather Girl” and a series of children’s books to help educate them about weather, which would help ease the fear many experience during storms. Fuzzy Duck helped Belinda develop her concept into a brand, character and written materials including a sell sheet and edits to what became the preliminary draft of her first book.

Work included:

  • Developed logo/brand for Bel The Weather Girl
  • Developed the initial Bel character design
  • Developed several secondary character designs
  • Helped develop written pitch for the book series
  • Performed internal edit of author’s first draft
  • Developed and executed “To Market” strategy

After completing the visual packaging, Fuzzy Duck connected Belinda with a literary agent which soon resulted in a 6-book publishing deal. As often happens in traditional publishing, especially with first-time authors, the publisher selected their own illustrator for the project. This allowed them to connect the project to a well known illustrator in the children’s book industry – giving the book an even higher chance of success. So, although Fuzzy Duck’s original art for the project is not reflected in the final books, we are very proud that our work played a key role in Belinda’s dream becoming a reality.

Belinda’s first 6 books are in stores now and can also be purchased on Amazon.

Many people have a passion project that they want to get to someday. That day came to fruition for me when I met Eddie and Beth from Fuzzy Duck. They helped me take this idea that I had bouncing around in my head for years and put it to paper and make it a reality. I can’t thank them enough for their creativity and I am very excited to see where Bel the Weather Girl goes from here!

Belinda Jensen Meteorologist & Children’s Book Author