Spotlight on the Intern

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Who am I?

My name is Katya Yavela and this summer, I joined Fuzzy Duck as a marketing and client relations intern. As a marketing major at University St. Thomas, I began my search for an exciting, new opportunity with a local marketing agency. After landing a position with Fuzzy Duck, the twelve weeks that followed introduced me to more than just the “real world” of business, but what marketing really means in today’s digital age.

2019 Fuzzy Duck Intern Katya

How I Found Fuzzy Duck…

Jobs weren’t necessarily really falling from trees for me like apples – at least not ones I was looking for. Even after being offered a couple of positions with a few recognized companies, I declined them due to the lack of potential growth as well as a lack of personal interest and passion in their respective industries. Finally, through the help of supportive networking connections, I was introduced to Fuzzy Duck. After researching this firm and seeing how successful it was as a B2B business, I reached out and began my interview process. The following months I found myself constantly worrying whether I got the job or not, and fortunately, this was not a “too good to be true” scenario: I was hired!

My Time at Fuzzy Duck…

From the start, it was a non-stop whirlwind and I enjoyed every moment of it. Initially, I was assigned to work on strengthening the brand in terms of its image and awareness through two primary projects – each which had their own set of sub-projects. For some, this could be overwhelming. For me, however, it was met with pure excitement and motivation. Between the market research and analytics, template and presentation drafting, content creation, client organization, and other associated tasks, there was never a dull moment. Apart from individual work, I was given the opportunity to partner up and work alongside colleagues on refining and implementing what I had done. Seeing my work come to life on the screen was not only inspiring but an additional force of motivation for me. This ranged from social media networking, updating the interactive website, to adding new, trending marketing features to assist in providing a greater consumer-centric experience. Besides acquiring new capabilities and applying my skill set, I learned all about the new forms of digital marketing, especially how various businesses of different industries approach their marketing needs.

Where to From Here?

As the twelve weeks ended and I began my senior year at the University of St. Thomas, my experience as a Fuzzy Duck didn’t end. Fortunately, I was offered to remain in a part-time capacity – helping with special projects. By continuing my education while simultaneously gaining professional work experience, I hope to strengthen my foundation as an individual and as a future professional to smoothly transition into the industry and contribute more to a business’s success.

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