The Creation of The Caring Effect

The Caring Effect

Through the years, as owners of Fuzzy Duck Design, Eddie and Beth Ulrich have worked with many non-profits.  Through this work, they were exposed to many great and worthwhile causes.  And the more they were made aware, the more they wanted to do to help.  It was that growing desire that lead to the founding of The Caring Effect, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the goal of making those who care aware of the needs of others and plug them into ways they can make a difference.

“We believe that people really do care.” Eddie states, “the things that keep them from acting on that caring is a lack of awareness and the false belief that anything they can do is not enough to make a difference. We wanted to use our talents as story tellers and marketers to help create that awareness.” Eddie Ulrich and Beth Ulrich - The Caring Effect

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, that is the golden rule,” Beth notes as to why the creation of The Caring Effect is important to her.

“We saw nonprofits that were struggling telling their story, we learned that people didn’t know how to help,” says Beth, “That’s how The Caring Effect was formed.”

Monica Gaffy, The Caring Effect’s Program Director wears many hats for the new Minnesota nonprofit but loves every minute of it.

“My favorite part of The Caring Effect is hearing the stories about volunteer work and when people are down and had a helping hand and hearing how that changed their life,” Monica says.
“The Caring Effect is essential because it is important to get back that idea about community and helping each other. Society has become so independently focused and yet, it is so easy to help someone in need. We hope to make people more aware and provide inspiring stories to bring back that action and thought of volunteering.”

The goal of The Caring Effect is to provide information through the website, the radio show, social media of what the needs are. Putting a voice to each situation and hearing real life stories. The Caring Effect hopes to engage listeners to volunteer and then execute on the website.

The Caring Effect Radio Recording with Special GuestsAs of now, The Caring Effect has a regular online radio show premiering once a month. So far,covered topics have been, youth homelessness, winter needs, the hungry and helping the elderly.

What does the future hold for The Caring Effect? They would like to increase their amount of shows online, providing 20 shows a year. Also, becoming a face on the TV screen, by providing 5-7 minute TV segments about their topics. Then, the hope is to extend the reach nationally.

The Caring Effect’s radio shows can be listened to anytime on their website

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The Caring Effect is having their first giving campaign, Dare to Care! To learn more about this, click here.