Case Study

Bold Vision Productions

Bold Vision Productions is a videography company based in southwest Florida eager to help their clients stand out! They create striking visual narratives for both individuals and businesses. Some of their niches include athlete, restaurant, and real estate promotion, in addition to wedding videography and visual storytelling. In partnering with us, they sought to establish their brand presence and stand out in the competitive industry. Having worked with both the founder’s father and grandfather on marketing for their respective businesses, Fuzzy Duck was excited to be the choice marketing partner for this third-generation entrepreneur. Together, we embarked on the journey of taking an idea for a business and shaping it into a full-blown company.

Becoming Bold

Building this new venture from scratch required first understanding the intended look and feel of the would-be company, as well as its ideal audience. Fuzzy Duck facilitated an in-depth interview and discussion process, going through branding exercises and putting (metaphorical) pen to paper. Once we had a shared vision of who this business might grow to be, we started the iterative process of naming the organization. Bold Vision Productions was carefully chosen to reflect the energetic, high-impact style of the client’s videos.

Bold Vision Productions Logo

Crafting Key Messaging

We emerged from this heads-down process with their mission, values, and messaging reflective of their unique brand voice and style. Based on our discussions, Fuzzy Duck crafted language that was bold, modern, and exciting. Alongside valuable internal messaging, we developed key talking points, key headlines, and service descriptions. The resulting language formed the basis for content on their website, social media, and other platforms. This equipped the client with a consistent brand identity to draw upon for future content and decision-making.

Web Design & Development

Putting It All Online

Given the visual nature of Bold Vision’s work, it was important to impactfully display their stunning videography while incorporating their brand-new branding. An auto-playing video banner in the first section of the site instantly introduces the visitor to the Bold Vision-style. The site is as user-friendly as possible with an embedded contact form, clear calls to action, and key benefits of working with Bold Vision. It was a blast seeing all the elements come together as a digital home for the brand.

Branded Print Collateral

Marketing You Can Grasp

Once the core aspects of the BVP brand were firmly established, we moved on to printed assets like business cards, sell sheets, and brochures. These are designed to make a strong in-person impression consistent with their digital presence.

The Outcome

Go Boldly with Purpose

As Bold Vision Productions’ creative marketing partner, Fuzzy Duck worked collaboratively to transform a dream into a reality. Building the brand from the ground up, we first concentrated on developing the core elements of messaging and visual branding to give the brand a firm foundation to grow on. We showcased these developments and the videography of Bold Vision Productions on a dynamic, user-friendly site where potential clients can easily connect. Now, a growing business, we continue to support their marketing via print design and ongoing maintenance. Through our work together, Bold Vision Productions is ready to go out into the world with a professional brand and business set up they can be proud of.