Case Study

CōV Restaurants

At Fuzzy Duck, we love it when we have the opportunity to be involved with a restaurant concept as it is being developed and assist with its overall branding and launch. CōV was one of those opportunities. Fuzzy Duck partnered with CōV founder, Dean Vlahos, and his team to bring their vision to life in the form of the restaurant name, logo, menus, website, copywriting, social media and signage. With its flagship location located just down the street from our Fuzzy Duck office in downtown Wayzata, CōV restaurant and bar combines Midwest comfort and hospitality with the unmistakable allure and energy of the New England coast. Their coastal environment and waterside view successfully transform the Minnesota lakeside into a unique East Coast getaway. The combination of high style and relaxation creates a charming atmosphere that we, along with everyone else, find hard to leave.
Social Media

Crafting Captivating Content to Elevate Dining Experiences

Managing CōV Restaurant’s social media involves curating engaging content, building a strong online presence, and connecting with customers to enhance the restaurant’s online image and reach.

Social Media
CoV Restaurants Logo
Print Design

Menus, Happy Hour, & More

With branding guidelines in place, prepped art files were designed and provided to 3rd party vendors for the implementation of the brand into all aspects of marketing and environment. From takeout packaging to external signage and the website – everything had to present a consistent and unified visual branding.

One of the most important printed pieces for CōV – or for any restaurant for that matter – was the menus. A well-designed menu involves far more that simple typesetting in a legible font – it involves engineering of the content. Everything from popularity to profit factored into the decisions around item placement, and all while keeping the layout easy to navigate for the patrons.

There was also the matter of practicality when producing the menus. The printing method selected had to allow for anticipated changes in the first few months of business – changes that could be made quickly and without being cost prohibitive.

Once the look and feel of the menu was established, the remaining pieces, such as table tents and promotional signage, came together smoothly and naturally.

CoV Happy Hour Menu Displayed On Restaurant Table
CoV Restaurant Menu Layouts