Case Study

Crankshaft Supply

Crankshaft Supply has been a fixture in the automotive industry for over 70 years. Specializing in the remanufacturing of crankshafts, they are able to bring new life to existing parts. Thanks to their expert machining and dedication, they improve parts availability and cost efficiency while keeping waste out of the landfill.
Crankshaft Supply Responsive Website
Ecommerce Design

Modernizing Sales Channels

Crankshaft Supply Inc. came to Fuzzy Duck for help achieving their goals as they shifted their operational business model. A long-term player in the automotive parts network, Crankshaft Supply primarily sold their remanufactured crankshaft kits through large distributors and parts stores. With new operational goals, they wanted to sell directly to consumers through their own website.

There were several challenges that presented themselves as a result of these business model shifts; the biggest of which was translating key product fitment data and part availability into an ecommerce site that was easy to use. Fortunately, they were able to connect with Fuzzy Duck to help them find a solution.

To overcome this challenge, Fuzzy Duck crafted a two pronged approach. The first step was to design and develop a branded ecommerce website using WordPress and Woocommerce. Then, we developed a custom web application that would interface with their existing product fitment data before generating and/or updating products into their new online Woocommerce storefront. Once implemented, we created an onsite filter and search tool to allow customers to find the exact part match for their vehicle. We continued the development of the custom web application to also allow Crankshaft to update inventory and shipping data from their systems directly into their new ecommerce store.

To further aid the client in their transition to direct-to-consumer sales, we integrated their Woocommerce store with key technology partners. TaxJar was added to aid in the calculation and payment of sales tax across the US. As the products being sold are quite heavy, we integrated dimensional shipping tooling for more accurate shipping rate quotes. And finally, Shipstation was implemented to provide improved order fulfillment capabilities.

The result of our combined efforts is a sales channel that is a natural extension to their existing operational practices.

Crankshaft Supply Application
Search Engine Marketing

Establishing A Consumer Marketing Presence

With over 70 years of business, Crankshaft Supply was a known supplier in the automotive world. But as a former business-to-business company, their brand awareness didn’t often extend to the end-consumer of the product. As a result, we needed to help the client establish themselves in the hearts and minds of their target audience as they pursued a direct-to-consumer model.

To accomplish that goal, Fuzzy Duck developed a digital marketing strategy that would get the Crankshaft Supply brand and product offering in front of their new customer base. This strategy consisted of a combination of dynamic search and shopping Google Ads campaigns. The result is a highly effective ad campaign that continues to generate leads and conversions for the Crankshaft Supply’s ecommerce site.