Case Study

Simply Gutters

Simply Gutters is a small independent gutter business in the Twin Cities area started in the spring of 2017. After a few years in operation, owner Chris knew he needed to make a more concerted effort to grow his client list and ultimately, achieve more stability for the business. Before working together, Simply Gutters relied primarily on referrals, a bit of local advertising, and social media to generate business.  After learning more about Simply Gutters’ business and its needs, we decided together that the immediate course of action first involved crafting a more cohesive, professional brand for the company and upgrading his website so that it would better convert. These steps would provide Chris with the best foundation to grow his business.
Simply Gutters Branded Business Cards
Mascot/Character Development

The Approach

We developed a friendly and inviting character that would be incorporated in their logo and can stand independently. The use of blue tones and a happy character to represent Simply Gutters offers a friendly and inviting feel to any customer looking for a gutter installation service. It also nods to the process and helps set an instant expectation for what customers can expect when working with them.

After trying several different styles and hairlines for this friendly face, we found the right combination! Not only does he feature in the Simply Gutters logo, he also makes an appearance on their website holding a sign with a call to action on it. This visual callout makes clear what the desired action on the web page is – adding to our on-site conversion goal.

The final character works to represent Simply Gutters’ approachability and customer appeal.

Simply Gutters Logo Concepts
Simply Gutters Logo

In order to achieve our goals of improving the professional look and feel of the website and its ability to convert, we developed a new, easy-to-update website for them. The site maintained their newly established branding, showcased their services, and allowed potential clients an easy way to make inquiries. As part of the final delivery, we trained the Simply Gutters team on the website’s inner-workings so that they could be empowered to make future updates as necessary.

Simply Gutters Website
Truck Wrap

Truck and vehicle wraps are standard marketing elements in service-based industries where businesses drive to their clients. We designed custom wraps for Simply Gutters’ trucks and trailers, tapping into passive marketing opportunities while on the go and at the job site. Have you spotted these out and about?

A Whole New Outlook

The Outcome

Through our work with Simply Gutters, we gave this small business a whole new outlook on their business and the power of marketing. The experience affirmed for us just how critical having a clear brand, consistent messaging, and a strong online presence is. The ability to stand out from your competition with a professional look naturally attracts clientele. Chris said it best himself:

“It was the hardest money I have ever spent but it was worth every penny and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I can now focus on my work and let the website work for itself. I get compliments daily on my branding, truck wraps, and website. I instantly noticed that the type of clientele I was getting had completely changed. Our business went from looking like a small ‘mom and pop’ business that would give them the cheapest quote, to a reliable company that customers could trust and invest in a quality product and results. People were willing to wait and book out further and sign contracts because of the level of professionalism Simply Gutters portrays.”
Chris, Owner of Simply Gutters

It’s hard enough trying to survive in this erratic market and without a strong brand and online presence. Making these investments can provide so many short and long-term benefits. We’re sure you won’t regret it.