Case Study


Zantigo is a widely-recognized local restaurant chain with a history as rich as their ancho fries. With four locations across the Twin Cities metro, their Mexican-American menu includes favorites such as flavorful grande burritos, zestily seasoned ancho fries, and their signature chilitos which have been delivering cheesy-chili goodness for years.

As Zantigo’s dedicated marketing partner since 2021, Fuzzy Duck’s major undertakings include the initial revamping and ongoing management of Zantigo’s website, enhancing and establishing  standards for their visual brand, and management of their social media growth. Our marketing partnership involves a monthly cadence of big-picture strategy, implementation and ongoing management. Fuzzy Duck has also been active in recommending several project-based initiatives to help supplement and enhance their established marketing efforts.

Zantigo Brand Imagery

Integrated Digital Hub

Website design and development was a major part of our initial partnership with Zantigo as we took the existing site to the finish line. In addition to refining the overall look, we integrated third-party add-ons and service applications to allow for online ordering from their four locations. Additional ecommerce integrations allow the sale of apparel and gift cards through the site. We saw to it that their bright colors and visual brand elements were incorporated throughout the website to deliver the full Zantigo experience.

Zantigo Website Designs
Motion Graphics

A Little Extra Zip

Websites are often static, but they don’t have to be! Motion graphics add eye-catching pizzazz and an overall curated appeal to typical motionless sites. We used this proven strategy to draw viewers into Zantigo’s rotating limited-time offers by showcasing them in this unique way. The added motion helps this often overlooked content type leap off the screen! We also incorporate animation into their social media efforts, capturing viewer’s attention for Zantigo special offers in a fun and impactful way.

Social Media

Hanging With Our Zantigo Amigos

As manager of the Zantigo Facebook and Instagram accounts, Fuzzy Duck consistently coordinates, designs, and schedules posts on Zantigo’s behalf. We maintain and cultivate growth on the platforms by using high-quality, branded photos to promote their ongoing offers and showcase their menu items. You can count on us to entice you with some deluxe nachos when national nacho day rolls around! Zantigo’s fun, colorful brand was made to shine on social; we’re proud to contribute to their business success through these efforts.

Multiple phone screens showing Zantigo Social Media Posts
Print Materials

Tangible Brand Elements

Taking our work into the physical realm, we mix and match Zantigo’s brand elements to create print materials like flyers, gift cards, and in-store signage. There are so many fun brand touchpoint opportunities in the restaurant world.

Zantigo Gift Cards

A True Creative Marketing Partnership

With much of our team working collaboratively on various elements of Zantigo’s initiatives, we’ve developed consistent branding for Zantigo on all channels. Working with a brand as fun as Zantigo is a real treat! With bold colors, a mustached corporate character, tasty food, and devoted fans, our creative team has a blast helping this brand flourish.

Zantigo Character Mascot Design
Zantigo Character Reimagined For Promotional Flyer