Project Profile

Eagle’s Landing Day Camp

Eagle’s Landing in North Brunswick, NJ boasts 20 acres of outdoor event spaces with pools, sports fields, zip lines, mini golf, dining facilities, and more! Dedicated spaces function as both a children’s day camp and an event venue for special occasions of all kinds. Fuzzy Duck originally worked with Eagle’s Landing to redesign their visual brand. The results were a new wordmark, brand standards that included a vibrant brand color palette, and the creation of their very own brand mascot, Sammy the Eagle. To keep Sammy captivating and afford him more versatility, we have continued to create new poses for their feathered friend and eventually brought him to life using animation!
Eagle's Landing Day Camp Mascot with Eagle Perched on Branch
Eagle's Landing Mascot Sketches in Variety of Poses and Costumes

Animating Sammy

When animating Sammy, we started by establishing a clear understanding of how and where the animations would be used within the Eagle’s Landing marketing. After learning more about the intended uses, we brainstormed different concepts of the look they were going for. Did they want Sammy to fly in a circle? Take a big swoop before landing? After honing in on the specifics, our team used both new visuals as well as existing assets from established poses to stay within established project budgets.

The first couple animations were fairly simple with Sammy giving a friendly wave as well as flying in and landing on the logo. The editable aspects of both the animations as well as the static poses allows them to be used in a ton of different ways, adding even more value to this work.

Eagle's Landing Day Camp Illustrated Map