Case Study

Shark Industries

Founded in 1983 by Diana Mini, Shark Industries is a woman-owned and -operated company in the traditionally male-dominated automotive aftermarket industry. Their stand-out nature extends to their success in an import-heavy marketplace while designing, manufacturing, and distributing many of their own products in the US. Shark Industries' products are most useful for people in roles like professional technician, mechanic, welder, and fabricator. To connect with those target customers initially, they utilized traditional networking and business relationships with suppliers, retail stores, and small mom-and-pop shops around the country. Shark Industries originally supported their sales network with traditional printed and digital product catalogs.
Shark Industries Website

Diversifying Sales Channels

Realizing that there were sections of the marketing that were left untouched, Shark Industries began to diversify their sales channels by adding an ecommerce site in 2018. Their new Woocommerce website was able to reach a much broader audience, including individual shade tree mechanics, do-it-yourselfers, and hobbyists. However, they soon discovered that the “If you build it, they will come” mentality wasn’t quite working out the way they’d hoped and reached out to Fuzzy Duck to help attract these specific audiences.

Fuzzy Duck partnered with Shark Industries to help them grow and improve their new ecommerce website. Together we analyzed their website, identified pain points and weaknesses, and created an action plan. This action plan included iterative changes to their site, allowing the client to scale their ecommerce business without a ground-up rework. The result was an ecommerce site that continues to scale, adding new customers every day while continuing to support Shark Industries’ long-term customer base.

Search Engine Marketing

Multifaceted Sales-Funnel Strategy

Fuzzy Duck furthered our partnership with Shark Industries by revamping their lagging search engine marketing campaign. We worked closely with the client to understand their products, target audience, and competitors. We then designed and implemented a multifaceted SEM strategy to get their product and brand in front of their customers at critical points in the buying experience.

Together, we were able to grow the client’s online sales by more than 130% over a 2 year period. An impressive improvement that we continue to increase every day.

Shark Industries Email Template
Email Marketing

Cost-Effective Brand Awareness

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing that any established business can take part in by allowing you to consistently stay in front of your current and past customers. Fuzzy Duck actively works with Shark Industries’ internal marketing and sales team to produce and schedule ongoing marketing emails as well as automated communications like abandoned cart emails.