Project Profile

Stockmeier Urethanes

Fuzzy Duck had the opportunity to work with STOCKMEIER Urethanes to develop a mascot for their company. Around here, we love adding a little character to a brand! Developing mascots is part of our bread and butter and with our help, the friendly Stobi was born.
Stockmeier Urethanes Mascot, Stobi, in Various Poses Standing and Running

Creating Stobi

As part of the design process, we worked closely with the STOCKMEIER team to develop Stobi and his signature look, right down to what color sneakers he’d sport. Throughout the process, what we were really doing was creating a visual personality that emulated the client’s brand and brought it to life.

Initial Sketches for Stockmeier Mascot, Stobi
Motion Graphics

Bringing Stobi to Life

After launching Stobi with great success and working with us over the years to develop a variety of new poses for him, the folks at STOCKMEIER came to us with a new challenge. They hoped to get even more use out of the mascot and incorporate him into their video presentations. And what better opportunity for Fuzzy Duck to add movement to our creation and give him a voice? So, we did just that! We were excited for the chance to flex our animation skills and it was both a challenge and an adventure finding just the right voice talent for the job.

Deconstructed Diagram of Different Assets For Animated Stobi Character with Multiple Hand and Mouth Shapes
Stobi's animation-ready puppet artwork

A Brand With Personality

Without further ado, we present Stobi – a smart, strong, funny little fellow who has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Watch as he transforms from a mere idea to a full-blown animated character. He’s been an essential tool to help STOCKMEIER Urethanes’ grow and advance its positioning as today’s leading polyurethane company.