African Community & Conservation Foundation




African Community & Conservation Foundation (ACCF) is a nonprofit foundation, founded with the purpose of preserving Africa’s wildlife by raising awareness and funding for key conservation projects and transformative community programs carried out in Africa.

A couple of years ago, Fuzzy Duck had the opportunity to work with ACCF on logo creation, website development, and business card design.

In 2021, ACCF was looking to expand its current foundation website and put in place a structure for continued education and growth. To accomplish this goal, Fuzzy Duck was able to showcase each one of their current and new projects in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand. You can view the changes on the website below. ACCF has continued to drive transformational change throughout communities and wilderness programs in Africa.

The Fuzzy Duck team has thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with the ACCF team and extended partnerships to help grow their foundation. You can learn more about this wonderful foundation by visiting the AFFC website.