Liberty Clark

Liberty Clark is a commercial pad printing company. Shortly after being bought, the new management decided that the company needed a brand refresh – a new logo to better communicate their professional service and personality. The new owner also had a personal request – to somehow work a reference to a frog into the logo visually. The project required the combination of a professional and appropriate brand with a visual element that had special meaning to the owner, and this gave our team an opportunity to flex their creative muscles. After several rounds of revisions, we arrived at an abstract concept that is meaningful and memorable to the owner as well as accurate to the desired brand positioning.

With the new brand established, our web team took the reigns on the technical side of the Liberty Clark site to create a page that is informative and well branded. This was no easy task since the client offers a diverse range of services. It required synthesizing the product offerings into just a few categories that could be easily communicated through a few images. At the end of the day, the Fuzzy Duck crew came together to merge the creative and technical aspects of Liberty Clark into one cohesive look.