Marvel Sewer and Drain

Marvel Sewer & Drain Super Family

How many design firms get the chance to develop and deploy a team of superheroes? Sewer and drain superheroes, that is! Marvel Sewer and Drain is a local, family-owned business who we have been lucky enough to work with to create videos, illustrations, wearables, vehicle wraps, and more. Most recently, we redesigned their website to better align with their brand and better tell their story. 

To accomplish these goals, Fuzzy Duck restructured their site to highlight their service offerings; created additional poses of their Marvel characters, equipping them each with their own sewer and drain repair superpower; and rewrote the website copy to be more dynamic and descriptive. 

In the end, Marvel Sewer and Drain’s new website aligns with the fun and informative style they project in their work every day. Working within this brand style gives us the opportunity to flex our creative muscles and make pieces that are truly original!

Check out their new site at