ArtOGraph Work


“Make it work and make it easy” was the simple philosophy of Artograph’s founders. In 1947 their vision and perseverance yielded the first Artograph art projector fabricated from assorted automobile and garage door parts, plywood, an old lens and bellows – all junk shop finds.  A creative imagination spurred a product line truly outside the box – art projectors, light boxes, spray booths, and eventually, Open Studio furniture.  Sharing that same creative energy, Fuzzy Duck was a good fit to assist Artograph in several redesign projects.

In light of the transition that is going on with our creative needs, I want you to know that I thought you did an excellent job. You were able to grasp very quickly what I wanted done and you executed the work very quickly and professionally. I won’t hesitate to recommend Fuzzy Duck to anyone looking for a creative group to work with.

Don Dow