Baja Haus

Baja Haus Logo

Baja Haus is the brain child of Wayzata restaurant owner Billy Tserenbat. It combines high end, ultra-healthy Mexican cuisine with a laid-back, California cool atmosphere. When it came to bringing that fun feeling to the menus, Billy had to look no further than Fuzzy Duck.

As part of the project, Fuzzy Duck also crafted language that accurately captured the overall feeling for the concept as well as emphasized the healthy food selection and preparation that helps differentiate Baja Haus from its competitors. The marketing copy was created initially for use on the menus only, but it was soon adopted for use on several other marketing and promotional pieces.

For the menu design itself, Fuzzy Duck researched West coast establishments (restaurants and surf shops) located along board walks and ocean front communities. They then used custom illustrations and incorporated a chalkboard look with consistent typography to reflect the fun atmosphere and culture of the established brand.

One of the biggest challenges encountered was conveying the detailed and content-heavy menu in a clean, bright and easy to navigate format.