Dymedix Diagnostics

Dymedix Diagnostics

Since 1998, Dymedix Diagnostics has focused on ADVANCING the SCIENCE of SLEEP™ by designing diagnostic sleep sensors and electrodes for sleep studies that provide accurate, reliable and consistent data with the least amount of patient disruption. The challenge they faced was educating their multiple target audiences on the distinct advantages of their products – specifically, their superior technology, higher quality, and lower price. Fuzzy Duck assisted them with creative messaging combined with attention-grabbing visuals as well as some HTML email marketing combined with some digital lead capture techniques.

In addition, Dymedix Diagnostics requested the creation of an animated infographic to help introduce its products as well as its new brand. Starting with a script and a general idea of the desired look and style to emulate, Fuzzy Duck created digital storyboards to give a very specific idea of the final look and then utilized visual assets from the storyboards in the final production of the clip.