just keep livin

Just Keep Livin

We are proud to be a part of that dedication and effort. We have engaged with the just keep living foundation in branding, web and communications; helping to grow the foundations brand and increase awareness and engagement.

The just keep livin Foundation was started by Matthew and Camila McConaughey and is dedicated to empowering high school students to lead active lives and make healthy choices to become great men and women.

While filming Dazed and Confused, Matthew McConaughey was struggling with the passing of his father. It was during this time that he was overtaken by a saying that would soon change his life: “just keep livin” or “j.k. livin” as it’s called.  Matthew established a clothing collection around this mantra which Fuzzy Duck helped craft artwork for and also built the first iteration of the online store for that clothing. A portion of every sale is donated directly to the just keep livin Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Matthew, which Fuzzy Duck still manages the website and email communications for.

Your online is on time… Thanks for the great work!
Matthew McConaughey
J.K. Livin Foundation