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The Wayzata Conservancy and the City Of Wayzata commissioned a select team of communication professionals to strategize and implement communication around Phase 1 of the PANOWAY on Wayzata Bay Project.  Fuzzy Duck assisted with overall messaging strategy and was responsible for the design and creation of all visual communication elements.

These visual design elements included the development of illustrated icons to represent and emphasize the goals and benefits of the project as a whole. Fuzzy Duck also developed several mesh banners for use on the construction fencing, a large picture frame for the community to snap photos with, as well as several print pieces and videos that would professionally explain and highlight the rationale behind for the PANOWAY Project.

Launching, executing and completing a project of this size and scope during a Pandemic had many challenges – one of which was successful communication with all shareholders – including the general public. Using the established PANOWAY color template and mirroring the sophisticated feel of their existing logo, Fuzzy Duck was able to create the visual assets that the PANOWAY Project was looking for to minimize these challenges and maximize their impact.

For example, usually after the completion of a construction project like PANOWAY – Phase 1, a ribbon-cutting ceremony or dedication event would be held.  But community safety prevented any official public event. Instead, the communication team crafted the outline for a virtual ribbon-cutting video made up of interviews and soundbites from all the major stakeholders including residents, business owners, design and construction vendors and local government.

After assisting in the shooting of 2 days worth of interviews and b-roll footage, Fuzzy Duck hand selected specific soundbites and created a 5 minute video that successfully conveyed the thoughts behind the vision for the project, the specific elements completed in Phase 1 and the future projects remaining. You can view the video below and here: PANOWAY Highlight Video

In less than one year, downtown Wayzata and specifically Lake Street has changed dramatically providing the public with well-thought-out and planned spaces for the community to enjoy together.

You can learn more about PANOWAY on Wayzata Bay here: PANOWAY Project



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