Bold Vision Productions is a videography company based in southwest Florida eager to help their clients stand out! At Fuzzy Duck, we’re thrilled to have played a role in shaping this new company. From an idea to a full-blown business, it was quite the journey. We first started by honing in on how they wanted to be presented and how to best connect with their audience. Through this process, we worked to select a company name, while diving deep into their mission, values, and messaging, which reflected their unique brand voice and style.

While we refined the written content, our design team sprung into action to create a visual identity that would match the high-energy associated with Bold Vision. We went through several design iterations to make sure we got it just right. See a sample of the ideas below!

After nailing down the language and cultivating the right visual imagery, our next step was to build an engaging website. We wanted to showcase Bold Vision’s stunning video work and incorporate the brand assets developed earlier. Our web team brought the visual brand to life on the site and ensured the website was user-friendly with an embedded contact form, clear calls to action, and the key benefits of working with Bold Vision. It was a blast seeing all the elements come together on the site!

Now, with the core branding firmly established, we’re moving on to printed assets like business cards, sell sheets, and brochures. These are designed to make a strong in-person impression that aligns with their digital presence. We’re excited to be part of Bold Vision’s ongoing journey, helping them with initiatives like Google Ads, setting up their YouTube channel, and more.

To see the evolution and final products of our work with Bold Vision Productions, you’ll find visuals below. For the fully realized experience, visit