Wine Label for Shady Oak Winery

Shady Oak Winery

Fuzzy Duck loves seeing people’s ideas get one step closer to reality – even if it’s not an actual business. Sometimes we work on relatively small personal projects that represent an individual’s BIG dreams.

Shady Oak Winery is a great example. Shady Oak represents a small family tradition of bottling their own wine for family and friends. So, when they came to us wanting to create a professional brand and label to represent Shady Oak Winery, we simply couldn’t resist.

To keep costs low, Fuzzy Duck altered our normal creative process and worked on the development of the logo and the label simultaneously. A custom illustration was used to create a simple, elegant yet memorable image that also represented a personal story behind the tradition.

In any given season, Shady Oak Winery only produces around 100 total bottles – none of which are sold. All are distributed to friends and family and each year, Fuzzy Duck is fortunate enough to receive a few of those rare bottles. We are honored to be considered a friend of Shady Oak Winery and it feels good to have contributed to a family tradition.